[AAR007] Albrecht La'Brooy - Eventide by Alexander Albrecht

Following the success of 'Edgewater Towers' earlier this year, Albrecht La'Brooy show their darker side in the latest release from Analogue Attic Recordings.

Somber and brooding at times, hard-hitting at others, 'Eventide' stays true to the Analogue Attic aesthetic whilst exploring themes and sounds of the evening.

[AAR002] Rings Around Saturn - Erosion by Alexander Albrecht

Analogue Attic's second release comes from Rory McPike under his Rings Around Saturn alias. Operating on a similar plane to the tactile, picturesque soundscapes of Lord of The Isles more spacey work, both "Erosion" and "Portion 22" offer dreamy chords, becalmed melodies and sparse, spaced-out rhythms. There are a few sly winks towards vintage ambient house throughout, particularly on "Gypsy Village", a luscious combination of liquid melodies and eyes-closed hypnotism.

Sean La'Brooy and Alex Albrecht go further towards vintage ambient territory on their Bathtime Arrangement of "Portion 22".